About our Residential & Commercial Letterbox Design

SecuraMail letterboxes are constructed from the highest quality high-tensile anodised aluminium extrusion. This high-quality material makes all the difference.


The top, bottom and outer frame of each mailbox is made from 6060 and 6063 T5 aluminium extrusion, 240mm in width. The average thickness of this extrusion is 3mm.

In order to attain the desired shape and fit for our mailboxes we use a customised die cast. The aluminium billet is extruded & pushed through at very high pressure & temperature. The extrusion cools and it’s during this process it is tempered and treated. A chemical “Hard anodising process” is then applied and it is ready to be precision manufactured into SecuraMail letterboxes, this method of manufacturing leaves a finish that our customers have come to appreciate.

We are industry leaders.

Our Large Letterboxes Security & Durability

All components of SecuraMail’s mailboxes are selected to enhance their overall look, resistance to corrosion or rust and to prevent undesired access to your mail.

Let’s talk about each of these aspects:

  • Both rear- and front-opening mailboxes have a continuous stainless steel rod, which the door is permanently tracked into.
  • Each Individual Letterbox door is fitted with a quality chrome lock with two keys standard, padlock hasp or alternate locking mechanism can be specified
  • Extruded weather Hood’s form a canopy over each mail slot, preventing water intrusion. This also acts as a visual barrier, preventing unwanted people from peeking into your mailbox.
  • Each mailbox has its own separate raised floor to keep mailed items up and away from the bottom of the box – so your mail remains safe.
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